What are customers are saying

“I’ve had 3 boilers from Steam Technology recently, all good, easy to deal with and on budget and on quoted time. Highly recommend.”

Denis M. from Oxford, March 2021

“Last one you built has been excellent and the workmanship was of top quality, so impressed.”

Caleb Scott from New Zealand December 2020

“As a matter of courtesy, we gave our boiler inspector a chance to see this boiler before it goes into the loco. He loved it. His verdict: “I wish every boiler I was presented with was as well built as this one.”

David Burleigh November 2020

“Thanks Ryan,
Bang on your quoted lead time ! I am very impressed considering the present state of the world.
I would prefer if you could send the boiler to me as you are a long way from Cumbria, necessitating a overnight stay.
Could you please send me some pictures, just so that I can check all the pads etc have been fitted, as some are close to stays & confirm that all bushes & dome pad are tapped.
Can you please “CE” mark the boiler, & include copies of the welder quals. In the documentation, to keep my boiler inspector happy.
Let me have the final balance as soon as you have worked it out & I will transfer the funds upon receipt.
Thank you again for your excellent service.

Paul Gilbert, Sept 2020