We are a company specialising in tig welded copper boilers, using our unique welding process.  These are used primarily in large working models, stationary steam plant, ships, traction engines, steam launches and live steam locomotives.

We can supply boilers to any of the standard model engineer designs, copy old boilers from the original or build to drawings for new designs.

All boilers are fully tested and certified.

All boilers are built to CE standard, as required (over two litres capacity).

With all component parts of the boiler made in copper and fully welded these boilers offer an extended life far superior to other boiler construction methods.

We have many years of experience of building this type of boiler and can claim to produce a boiler second to none in strength and reliability.

We are also able to produce fuel and water tanks, and other items in stainless and aluminium as well as copper.

Copper Prices

 We would like to make our clients aware that unfortunately copper prices have reached an all time high, due to the disruption of mining operations courtesy of the covid 19 pandemic. Not only this but also due to the demand for copper by various governments to reduce the dependency on fossil fuels, for example: the gradual transition to electric cars will see this metal used much more than ever before.

 We will of course be honouring the prices of all our current orders where a deposit has been paid.

However, please be aware that going forward with new quotations, that the copper price increase will be reflected on the quotation. We are monitoring this situation closely, and would like to assure our clients that we will be doing our best to keep these increases to a minimum.